RO or Reverse Osmosis Plant is best known for hyper filtration and it is used by our Industrial and Commercial Brackish Water & Seawater Reverse Osmosis Systems for purifying water with the removal of salts and other impurities. The system is well capable of rejecting sugars, proteins, bacteria, dyes, and other constituents that have a molecular weight of greater than 150-250 Daltons.

We at Matrix Eco Tecnologies manufacture a full range of sweater desalination systems that are designed especially for the heavy and continuous duty service in the marine applications where dependable and quality performance is the prominent factors. The standard Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis systems in our product suit are available with the capacities ranging from 100 LPH to 50,000 LPH. For manufacturing custom built Reverse Osmosis Plants, Matrix Eco Technologies is quite capable.

Industrial facilities and municipalities can use RO permeate as a consistently pure drinking water supply along with transforming drinking water into highly pure water for industrial usage at food and beverages, microelectronics, marine, power and pharmaceutical facilities.

Water Purification at a Unique Source

Our Reverse Osmosis Systems delivers high performance at the lowest cost of life-cycle. The pre-engineered systems at our company are built with high quality components that are specifically designed for the purpose of water purification. They are readily available systems to use with all filters, pumps, membranes, controls, piping and operating manuals.

We supply valves, filters, membrane elements, pumps, ultafiltration equipment, nanofiltration equipment and other components. Our Technologies are unique in their design and operation of these units. We build complete machine and all major RO system components are stocked at Matrix Eco Technologies including controls, filters, membrane elements and high pressure pumps.

Matrix Eco Technologies  will make you receive economical solution to create value for you with reducing your operating costs for reverse osmosis systems.