A top-rated over fit for a variety of purposes and industries such as vacuum drying, baking, curing, conditioning and out-gassing.

The unit for also ideal for solids and liquids, vacuum embedding, plating, moisture testing, and aging test .

Superior temperature accuracy due to Microprocessor Controlled System Implementing

Offers superior uniformity and stability

Comes fitted with easy and convenient vacuuming and venting ports

Has easy-to-read vacuum gauge

Comes fitted with silicon-made high quality door sealing

Has a highly safe solid door made of steel plate

Ensures over temperature protection

Able to stop oxidation and decarburization arising out of inert atmosphere

Temperature uniformity with heat transfer from concealed heaters

Sliding stainless steel shelf with extreme ease of use


Internal Dimension (mm)(WxDxH)300X 300x300300x300X600 250X250X250300X300X300455X455X455
Capacity22 Itrs44 Ltrs 16 Ltrs 28 Ltrs 95 Ltrs
Temperature rangeAmbient +5 oC to 150oC OR Ambient +5 oC to 200oC OR Ambient +5 oC to 300oC
MOC InnerStainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC OuterPowder Coated Steel
Accuracy+3 oC
DisplayDigital LED Display for Set Value (SV) and Process Value(PV)
ShelvesStainless Steel (SS-304)
Door GasketHigh Temperature Silicone Rubber
Safety DeviceOver Temp. Protector.
ValvesTwo diaphragm valves for admission of inert gas/dry air etc.


  • Stainless steel (SS-304)-made user friendly round internal chamber
  • Steel-based exterior construction with heat cured epoxy powder coating
  • Sliding shelf constructed of stainless steel (SS-304)


  • MICROPROCESSOR BASED PID DIGITAL TEMPERATURE INDICATOR-cum-Controller comes with an-built Digital timer to manage and control the temperature. Heating will start automatically once the unit is switched ‘ON’ and once the set value is achieved, the in-built AUTOMATIC DIGITAL MINUTE TIMER will start automatically. The heaters are switched “OFF” automatically once this set time period is over and the unit sounds BUZER to alert the user that process is complete.
  • Vacuum Pump Oil free (for Oven of upto 28 Ltrs. Capacity)
  • Vacuum Pump (For Oven of 44 Ltrs. and 95 Ltrs. Capacity)
  • Digital vacuum Indicator with transducer