“MATRIX” Horizontal Double Walled Autoclaves are perfect for critical applications needing assured destruction of all living micro-organisms in regular manner

A suitable tool for labs, hospitals, nursing homes, R & D labs etc.



A tool created to be perfect for various experiments in microbiology, industries, institutes, R & D labs etc.

Neoprene-made synthetic door gasket on the double walled door.

One can adjust each space of shelves without difficulty due to the presence of user oriented design of shelves .

Controlling of inner air or vapor circulation due to adjustable two ventilation slides.

Uniform heat distribution with beaded heating elements placed in ribs, at bottom and sides.

sms on a regular basis

A perfect tool for R & D labs, laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


Inner Dimensions (Dia x Height)250x450mm 300x500mm 350x550mm 400x600mm450x600mm550x750mm
Capacity22 Itrs40 ltrs50 ltrs79 ltrs98 Itrs187 Itrs
Heater Load3.0 KW 3.0 KW 4.0 KW 6.0 KW8.0 KW8.0 KW
DisplayA separate temperature indicator is provided
Exhaust of PressureAutomatic through a manual exhaust valve
Sterilizing Pressure1.2 kgf /cm² (15 psi) at 121°C
Pressure Gauge0-2.1 kgf /cm² (30 psi)
Operating PressureFrom 15psi to 22 psi (Adjustable)
MOC (Pressure Vessel) Stainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC (External Wall)Stainless Steel (SS-304)
MOC (Top Lid)MOC (Lid) Made of thick machined Stainless Steel plate
Tubular Stand and Support RingMade of mild steel or stainless steel (as ordered)
GasketMade of Jointless Silicon Rubber
Power Supply220/230VAC, 50/60Hz or 430/440 Volts, 3 Phase Supply


  • Double walled unit mounted on a stainless steel tubular stand.
  • S. S. made inner chamber and outer wall
  • Adjustable pressure from 10-20 psi
  • Fitted with steam release valve, pressure gauge and safety valve
  • Comes with separate boiler
  • Separate valves provided with units fitted with S.S. Boiler for injecting the steam into the main chamber and releasing it in atmosphere
  • Fitted with automatic vacuum breaker to break the vacuum when vacuum formation happens due to steam condensation.


  • Fitted with Automatic Low Water Level Cut-Off Device for general safety of the element
  • Comes with Automatic Pressure Control Switch
  • Dial thermometer to work as the indicator for the inner chamber temperature
  • Use of thick machined Mild Steel plate lined with stainless steel from inside for the lid
  • Not available with jacket (Double walled chamber with separate boiler)
  • Industrial grade energy efficient heaters to cut down power bills in a big manner


  • Digital Temperature Indicator to be supplied in place of dial thermometer.
  • Microprocessor Based Semi-Automatic Digital Controller with AUTO-TIME CONTROL SYSTEM. After the set temperature is reached at, the timer will start in automatic manner and on completion of set count down/up time, the supply to heaters will be cut-off and the system will sound a buzzer to alert the user that the cycle is over
  • PLC Controller to facilitate automatic purging of state air, to sterilizing hold time and also for sterilizing period and cycle and with automatic exhaust of pressure
  • Digital Pressure Indicator to be displayed into the main control panel


  • Outer Jacket of S.S. 304 grade.
  • Inner Jacket of S.S. 304 grade.
  • Door of S.S. 304/316 Dressing Drums
  • Direct steam supply from centralized boiler
  • Temperature recorder
  • High pressure High vacuum model
    Additional door (Double door) model.
  • Fully automatic micro processor controlled model