Walk-in Stability Chambers are a great product used to store and test a variety of products in specific temperatures or humidity conditions. Our high-quality chambers have a temperature range from 20oC to 60oC and humidity range from 40%RH to 95%. They are suitably designed enable stability studies as per ICH guidelines and standards. In these chambers, humidity is created with Steam Injection Process while a tank is fitted and heaters available inside the chamber to work as a humidifier. The boiler tank is connected with water reservoir tank so that continuous supply of water is done.


Model No.MET-180MET-180-AMET-180-BMET-180-CMET-180-D
Internal dimension (mm)455x410x610 mm505x415x830 mm570x550x875 mm650x580x900 mm700x640x900 mm
Capacity112 Ltr171 I.N.280 Lir340 Ltr420 Ltr
Volume4 Cu.ft6.1 Cu.ft10 Cu.ft12 Cu.ft15 Cu.ft
No. of Trays22334
Temperature RangeAmbient to 10°C to 60°C
MOC (Outer)Powder coated CRC steel sheet
MOC (Inner)Chamber & trays made of Stainless (steel -304)
Humidity rangeAmbient to 40% to 95% RH at cool temperature
Temp. Accuracy+/- 2°C
Temp. Uniformity+/- 2°C
Humidity Uniformity+/-3 % RH
Humidity Accuracy+/-2% RH
Humidity CreationHumidity Generation (Steam type)
Humidity ControllerDigital humidity Indicator-aim-controller with LED display for set value (SV) & process values (PV)
Temperature controllerMicroprocessor based digital temperature indicator cum controller with LED display for set value (SV) & process value (PV)
CondenserUp to 8000 BTU/H
Compressor time18-20 hours
IlluminationMoisture proof fluorescent lamp bank
RefrigerantCFC free refrigerant R134A
Electrical Supply220/230 V AC, 50 Hz, Single Phase or Suitable
Safety featureHigh temperature safety cutout self resetting type & Alarm system