“MATRIX” high-quality seed germinators are very useful for purposes as varied as seed testing, biological studies, and forestry research works etc.


The tool comes equipped with a solid see thru double walled door and a full view inner plexi-glass door to facilitate monitoring and inspection of inner chamber specimens sans any disturbance to the process temperature.

Comes fitted with great quality magnetic gum packing door gasket for external door

Shelves provided with user oriented design to let users adjust each space of shelves without having any kind of difficulty

Maintenance of optimum temperature uniformity and homogeneity due to forced air circulation by durable coaxial blower

Minimal thermal losses due to high grade PUF Insulation between outer and inner chamber

Easy portability due to caster wheel mounted

Supplied with front double walled door having lock and key arrangement

Easy visibility as the door operated illumination lamp is equipped inside the chamber

Finned tube evaporator ensures quicker and uniform cooling effects.

Safety Thermostate to stp overheating


Model No.MET-126MET-126-AMET-126-BMET-126-CMET-126-DMET-126-E
Capacity112 Ltr171 Ltr280 Ltr340 Ltr425 Ltr680 Ltr
Volume4.0 Cu.ft6.1 Cu.ft10.0 Cu.ft.12.0 Cu.ft15.0 Cu.ft24.0 Cu.ft
No. of perforated Trays333345
Forced Air Convection type
Temperature Range10°C to 60°C
Temp. Accuracy+/- 0.1°C
Humidity CreationHumidity Generation(Steam type)
Humidity Range40% to 95% RH @ 20-40°C temp.
Humidity Accuracy+/-2% @3% RH
Humidity ControllerDigital Humidity Indicator-cum-controller with LED display for process and set valies.
Refrigeration System Air cooled hermetically sealed condenser single state0compressor
Humidifier Evaporation by motor with S.S 316 pipe heater
Water SupplyFront loading water tank at least 10 Ltr magnetic pump system
MOC OuterM.S powder coated or Stainless steel-304(or as ordered)
MOC InnerStainless steel-304
CompressorMake: Emerson Copeland
Temperature controller Microprocessor based PID controlled with digital display/HMI touch Screen Controller
Noise level Less than 65dB
InsulationFoamed-in-Place PUF insulation ensures thermal stability and reduces electrical energy consumption
Light Bank Range
At least 20,000 Lux(with light intensity controller) as per ordered
Light Bank LampFluorescent 20w tube light
Voltage IndicatorFitted with Moving coil type Voltmeter For Voltage Monitoring
Electrical Supply220/240 V AC, 50 Hz Single Phase, Suitable servo voltage stabilizer
Safety featureLeakage Breaker for power, auto-restart when temp inside is normal, Audio/visual Alarm complete high/low current/voltage breaker, Overload relay for compressor, air circulation temp. Switch, overheat protector, inside chamber door switch, door open alarm, burn-out circuit, humidity tank water, level sensor, overtemp.


  • Front double walled door is presented with having lock and key arrangement
  • Door operated illumination lamp is there inside the chamber to enable easy visibility
  • Finned tube evaporator guarantees quicker and uniform cooling effects
  • Safety thermostat to stop overheating