Our high-quality Fume Hood Scrubber deliver excellent air pollution control for water soluble chemicals that are present in the laboratory fume hood exhaust fumes. They save space and offer superior air pollution control and operator safety protection for fume hoods.


These hoods can work as semi closed ventilated enclosures to save the user from harmful and toxic fumes and vapors. They are created in this manner to eliminate the possibility of accidental fire, which can happen due to the emission of inflammable gases during experiments. For that reason, fume hoods construction materials are chosen with care and they are selected between industrial grade fire resistant commercial wooden boards or corrosion resistant steel sheets. Similarly, the work table is shaded out of heavy gauge construction material while the work bench is supplied with a small sink of stainless steel grade ss-304. The units are supplied with sliding sash of special grade shatter proof glass frame having sliding motion and counter weight balanced mechanism.

While the work table is constructed of heavy gauge construction material laced with acid proof glazed tiles, the work bench is supplied with a small sink of stainless steel grade ss-304. Further, the fume hoods are supplied with sliding sash of special grade shatter proof glass duly framed.

Our hoods are made to deliver minimum illumination level of about 800 lux on the work table and the unit is fitted with heavy duty exhaust system having centrifugal impeller with high speed motor of about 1440 RPM.


Internal dimensions900x600x6001200x600x600 1800x600x6001500x600x900
MOC (cabinet)Wooden board laminated from outside
MOC (Work Area Table)Stainless steel (SS-304)
MOC (Inner Walls)Laminated with high quality wooden laminate or lined with stainless steel (option)
Work220/230votts A.0


  • Air Velocity
    Made to deliver an optimum face velocity of 80 feet – 100 feet / minute with an accuracy of + 10 feet/minute and that too, the sash in complete open position.
  • Volume Of Exhaust
    Capable of maintaining a constant exhaust volume with the maximum variation permissible of 6% of the given volume of exhaust.
  • Testing Procedure Of Containment
    Made to conform to the performance test and having an AM rating of 0.05 ppm/4 LPM at fully opened sash.
  • Pressure (static)
    Capable to minimize the loss of static pressure at a specific baffle opening position.
  • Noise/Sound Level
    Made to generate lower noise levels with the performance of the units deemed better than the industry standards of 60 db, at about 15 cm distance from the sash.
  • Illumination Level At Work Place
    Ensures a minimum of 800 lux light on the work table through the diffuser fluorescent light arrangement.
  • Exhaust Assembly
    Supplied with a very strong and high-end exhaust system delivering a range of 500 – 1250 CFM .
  • Exhaust Ducting
    The units supplied with suitable FRP ducting of specified dimension as per the individual requirements.