“MATRIX” high-quality Rotary Flask Shakers are created to be perfect for a variety of industrial applications including mixing and development of cultures, solvents and chemicals, together with enabling production of basic chemicals and pathological work


These shakers, which are heavy duty in nature, are fit for applications requiring continuous operations .

They are deemed perfect for shaking solutions in Erlenmeyer Flasks and thus, promote the mixing and dissolving the substances

These shakers are also ideal or speeding up chemical reactions in general


Model No.MET-177MET-177-AMET-177-BMET-177-CMET-177-DMET-177-E
Platform Size(in mm)300x300 mm450x450 mm500x500 mm650x650 mm1050x1050 mm1200x1200 mm
MOC(body)Stainless Steel(SS 304)
MOC(Platform)Stainless Steel(SS 304)
Motor¼ Fitted with variable speed motor
Speed controlThrough a continuously variable speed regulated knob
Speed RangeFrom 20 to 300 RPM
Timer99 hrs & 99 min
RPM MeterDigital Display
Stroke length 30mm
Shaking MotionOrbital
Flask Holding ClampsAny one set of clamps for the above configuration is supplied with the unit as standard accessory
Platform SizeFlask Capacity
15 ml25 ml50 ml100 ml250 ml500 ml1000 ml
300x300 mm25256449362516
450x450 mm25256449362516
500x500 mm144144144121206436
650x650 mm16916916925362516
1050x1050 mm22522522520014412181


  • It’s rigid and sturdy to ensure smooth operations as the body is mounted on heavy mild steel angle iron frame
  • The shakers are available in stainless steel platform ( equipped with stainless steel lotus type clamps ) to hold flasks
  • They are equipped with heavy duty motor with variable speed
  • Fitted with an SMPS based DC DRIVE UNIT to control the speed and the task is done by a speed control knob or through a VARIAC (AUTO TRANSFORMER)
  • ⦁ Our shakers can be had with given below configurations of platform size, capacity and number of flasks


  • Spare lotus clamps made of S.S. for holding conical flasks
  • Digital RPM/Speed Meter with PROXIMITY SWITCH
  • Automatic Digital ON/OFF timer for shaking time control