A tool fit for external temperature control applications to external systems and general laboratory cooling applications. It’s suitable for a variety of applications such as Rotary Vacuum Evaporators, Fermenters, Electrophoresis Chamber, Refractometers, Polarimeters, Chromatography Columns, Condensers and Rheometers.



A tool created to be perfect for various experiments in microbiology, industries, institutes, R & D labs etc.

Neoprene-made synthetic door gasket on the double walled door.

One can adjust each space of shelves without difficulty due to the presence of user oriented design of shelves .

Controlling of inner air or vapor circulation due to adjustable two ventilation slides.

Uniform heat distribution with beaded heating elements placed in ribs, at bottom and sides.

sms on a regular basis

A perfect tool for R & D labs, laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


0°C to +100°C4/6/8/13 ltrs500 Watts
0°0 to +100°C23/33 ltrs1.0/1.5 KW
-20°C to +100°C13/23 ltrs1.0 KW
Ambient to 0°C (Cooling Only)4/6/8/13 ltrs---
Ambient to -20°C (Cooling Only)13/23 ltrs---
Ambient to -30°C (Cooling Only) 4/6/8/13 Its---


  • Stainless Steel (SS-304 Grade)-made Inner bath chamber & lid .
  • CRC sheet duly powder coated-made Outer body.
  • High grade PUF insulation filled in space between inner and outer chamber to ensure minimal thermal losses.
  • High Condensation efficiency.
  • Delivers adjustable working temperature ranges .
  • Uses environment friendly CFC FREE refrigerants and hermetically sealed compressor .
  • Made to cut down tap water consumption so that high cost of water and waste water is reduced .
  • Waste water will not contain hazardous substances so solvents can’t pose danger to personnel and environment .


  • Delivers various temperature ranges which to be selected as per varied requirements and applications.
  • Microprocessor based autotune PID TEMPERATURE CONTROLLER.
  • Reduced energy consumptions through tighter cooling control .
  • Delivers temperature control accuracy of +0.5ºC at -10ºC .
  • Internal circulation made to offer exact temperature stability/uniformity in the bath better than + 0.5ºC .
  • Temperature Display Resolution 0.1ºC .
  • Powerful stirring circulation pump with 15 Lpm capacity at zero head for water.
  • Do not use water below 5ºC (use ethanol below 5ºC).
  • Do not use water above 90ºC (use silicone oils etc above 90ºC).
  • To work on 220/230 volts, 50/60 Hz AC supply.