We offer high-quality garment storage cabinet that ensure a clean storage area for clean room garments and they are available in different configurations and sizes. They are reliable as well as durable and come with low operating noise levels.


A tool created to be perfect for various The clean room garments cubicles are capable to accumulate contamination and garment cabinets, which help maintain the sanitation of the clean room environment. Clean room garments are kept tidy and clean due to HEPA filtered airflow but when stored. Each cabinet in the garment storage is stored in a systematic and visible manner.

Self-standing structure offers down flow clean air to clean room Garments. The product is recommended in change rooms and is also suitable for pharmaceutical, hospital and O/T, Electronic Industry etc. It is offered with HEPA & Pre filter, Motor Blower etc. They offer great prices, usages and specifications fit for various scientific research laboratories.We offer high-quality Pass Box which is created to work as a safe passage to transfer materials, tools or items from unclassified to classified area. The product is such that one can transfer the material from one room to another even without opening the door. It has two doors which are interlocked in unique way to not get opened simultaneously. The interlocking of the controllers makes sure that that when one door is open, the other one remains closed. This is how it becomes possible to maintain the higher level of room cleanness by storing the direct flow of air or other bacterial contamination from one room to other. The pass box controller is responsible to stop the simultaneous access of doors.

One can adjust each space of shelves without difficulty due to the presence of user oriented design of shelves .

Controlling of inner air or vapor circulation due to adjustable two ventilation slides.

Uniform heat distribution with beaded heating elements placed in ribs, at bottom and sides.

sms on a regular basis

A perfect tool for R & D labs, laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


ModelMET-143 MET-143-A
Working Area3'x2'x5' 4'x2'x5'
Size of HEPA fitter3'x1.51x6 4'x1.51x6
No. of HEPA filter(Supplied with Pre filters)11
HEPA filter HEPA Filter Efficiency @99.997% on UM size Particle
Air Velocity0.5m/s
Cleanliness ClassClass100
Capacity20 clean room garments
MOC Internal SS-304
MOC ExternalSS304
Noise LevelLess than65dB
IlluminationGlare Free White Fluorescent Tubes.


  • Made to be energy efficient and have disposable pre filter.
  • Comes fitted with reliable rocker switches & Versatile.
  • has low price and delivers easy installation.
  • has built-in solid state variable speed controllers.


  • Static Pressure Manometer.
  • Built in U.V. Germicidal Light.
  • Exhaust Ducting per running ft.Energy efficient.
  • Disposable pre-filter.
  • Dependable rocker switches.
  • Versatile.
  • Low price and easy installation.
  • Built in solid state variable speed controllers .