“MATRIX” high-quality Ductless Fume Hood are created to offer protection to both the environment and laboratory personnel from toxic fumes. They work like an independent systems not needing connection to the extraction systems.


Ductless fume hood are quite unlike convention fume hoods in the sense that they filter out chemical fumes and recycle air directly back to the laboratory. In this process, they ensure many benefits including energy savings, personnel and environmental protection, convenience (in the wake of not having to deal with complicated ducting systems) and mobility. More importantly, being independent systems they do not need connection to extraction systems.

It is key with a ductless fume hood that the filter medium be able to remove the particular dangerous or noxious material used. Since different filters are needed for different materials, it’s important to use recirculation fume hoods only when the hazard is well known and can’t change.


The fume hoods by use are a unique product in the sense of being used as semi closed ventilated enclosures to save the user from harmful and toxic fumes and vapors. They are also unique in the sense to remove the possibility of accidental fire, often resulted due to the emission of inflammable gases during the course of experiments. As a result, we choose the materials carefully for fume hoods and ensure them to between industrial grade fire resistant commercial wooden boards (laced with laminated sheets and having epoxy coating) or with corrosion resistant steel sheets with epoxy coating from inside.

We ensure that the work table is constructed of heavy gauge material fortified with acid proof glazed tiles while the work bench is offered with a small sink of stainless steel grade ss-304. Similarly, all the units of fume hoods will be supplied with sliding sash of special grade shatter proof glass having sliding motion and counter weight balanced mechanism. They provide illumination level of about 800 lux on the work table on a minimum level while being fitted with heavy duty exhaust system, having centrifugal impeller of high speed motor of about 1440 RPM.

Noise and Sound Levels
Designed with lower noise levels and ensure performance comparatively better than the industry standards of 60db, and close to 15cm distance from the sash.

Illumination Levels at Work Space
They ensure that a maximum of 800 lux light is there on the work table through diffuser fluorescent light arrangement .

Particulate Pre-filter
40 % filtration efficiency for particles > 0,3μm.

Control Panel
Table to monitor the air flow and make sure the fan is working properly .

Programmable Timer
The timer to able to count down the running hours of the unit and convey to the user after every 60 hours of use to carry out a saturation detection test of the molecular filter.

Energy ports
Fitted on the enclosure side panels, these ports ensure the passage of power cables in the enclosure sans any issue for the user .



Internal dimensions900x600x6001200x600x6001800x600x6001500x600x900
MOC (cabinet)Wooden board laminated from outside
MOC (Work Area Table) Stainless steel (55-304)
MOC (Inner Walls)Laminated with high quality wooden laminate or lined with stainless steel (option)
Work 220/230volts AC


  • Robust hood construction to ensure longevity from regular tear and wear.
  • Large working area ensures comfort user.
  • Uniformed filtration through generous carbon filter weight.
  • Smooth and elegant sliding sash window.
  • Microprocessor control system having audible and visual alarms to ensure unsafe conditions.
  • Front service panel made to opens up in a hassle-free manner for maintenance functions.
  • Fitted with VOC sensor to monitor chemical concentration
  • Comes fitted with a direct mounted single electrical outlet.
  • Energy-efficient permanently lubricated fans having external rotor motor design that cuts down operating costs.
  • Delivers low noise and low vibration level.
  • Arm Ports ensure smooth access to work zone with no risk from chemical fumes.