We offer high-quality Dorsophila test chambers that offer a highly-controlled environment for development and optimum growth of the fruit fly species. You should know that the most scientific research laboratories engaged in Drosophila research generally use Drosophila research chambers to do the rearing of these insects in laboratories. The chamber is also known as Drosophila Test Chamber, which is fit for study and rearing of Drosophila melanogaster, commonly known as fruit fly.

The fly is considered to be among the most common genetic model organism used in laboratories across the globe for the study of genetics and other biological sciences. Our chamber holds significance since Drosophila research is gaining universal acceptance from the time it was known that a vast majority of human disease genes carry parallels in the Drosophila genome.


The outer body of the chamber is constructed of high-quality M.S. Sheet duly pretreated and finished with epoxy paint where caster wheel is offered for easy mobility. On the other hand, the inner chamber is made of stainless steel with arrangement for adjustable shelves inside the chamber. More so, glass wool is used to fill the space between outer body and inner chamber while G. I. sheet is used to make intermediate wall for air circulation.

The doors of the chamber are insulated using glass wool between its inner and outer surface while a double-walled door having a gasket is used to seal the inner chamber from outside air. The use of glass window is done to let inspection of samples without upsetting the temperature of the chamber. The chamber is also supplied with 3 or 4 Stainless Steel adjustable shelves while there is a system and air ventilation to introduce fresh air supply.


Dimensions Inner (WxDxH) ( n mm)455x410x610 505X415x830 570X550X875 650x580X900700X640X925
Capacity112 Ltr171 Ltr 280 Ltr 340 Ltr 420 Ltr
Volume4 Cuft6.1 Cuft10 Cuft12 Cuft15 Cuft
No.of Perforated trays/td>22334
Temperature Range Ambient +10 C to 60 C
Temperature Accuracy+/- 1c
Humidity CreationHumidity generation (Steam type)
Humidity range 5%Above ambient from 40% to 95% RH at cool temperatures
Humidity Accuracy+/- 3% RH


  • Optional barriered or adjustable lamp banks
  • The highest quality solenoid valve
  • Continuous-running condensing units
  • Light sensors for precise irradiance control.
  • HMI+PLC based controllers
  • Color touch panel.
  • Less use of Electrical and Mechanical Components on the Top and Bottom of Chamber .
  • Circulation Fan with Variable Speed –
  • Electrical efficiency
  • Cooling Efficiency
  • Air Quality
  • Humidity Control.
  • Quieter Operation
  • Air Cooled Refrigerated System .
  • PCRC Sheet Body
  • Digital Output
  • Pre – Attached Data Logger with Data Analysis Software
  • Open and Close Updates Through Mobile Network
  • Reliable
  • Precise Control of Environmental Parameters
  • Micro – Processor Based Controller
  • Aesthetically Designed
  • Corrosion Resistant Interior and Exteriors
  • CFC -Free Cooling


  • Insect growth