Matrix offers a high-quality clean room system that ensure superior clean room performance and aesthetic appeal. It’s a free-standing, modular, hard-wall and prefabricated system designed to blend functionality with flexibility to meet clean room needs with ease.


Available from Class 100,000 to Class 10, these rooms can be available with open free spans ranging from 6 to 34 feet while will have interior room heights between 8 to 16 feet. In fact, it’s also possible to combine multiple rooms together to form a larger clean room system.

Further, addition sections can be added to existing rooms so that clean room can be expanded in future, as and when needed. Having high visual appeal, they are also fit to be used as a showcase clean room system. With large clear walls, it’s possible to get good visibility into and out of the room. The exterior will have a clean appearance as clear anodized aluminum panels will cover the filter light area above the drop ceiling.



They are a tent type clean rooms making the best use of full welded, reinforced, steel tubular sections. The structure is finished using an abrasion resistant oven-baked powder coat where vinyl curtains isolate the clean room from the ambient environment and allow easy passage of things (materials and personnel) in and out of the clean area. These curtains exist in a way to ensure exhaust of clean air out of the clean room. While stainless steel swivel casters will have no shedding polyurethane wheels, one has to use soft wall panels for easy access to the room which takes away any need of additional fire exits. The wall design is such that only a minimum opening is needed when entering or existing the room. This is how the room integrity is maintained while not allowing cost and investment to go up. They are low cost and highly effective solutions.

– Prefabricated Modular Hard wall Clean rooms are available with a design type to get used either as a completely a freestanding self-contained room or can be used in combination with existing walls. The construction of wall systems is possible to meet exact requirements using a variety of surfaces including steel, FRP, high pressure laminated finishes and more. Hard wall panels will look pleasing and can also restrict access to the clean room so that correct entrance procedures can be used.


Room air cleaning devices, fixed to the outside wall or to the room ceiling, can be used to create clean air for the system. All the air, when they enter the room, will be drawn through a HEPA filter which can create a positive pressure in the room and ensure a clean area. Stainless steel is used in construction of the ceiling and wall panel while the system can control humidity up to 40%. Its modular design is such that it makes installation easy and fast. Our Modular Soft wall Clean rooms are good enough to offer clean environments from Class 100,000 to Class 10 (ISO Standards Class 3 to Class 8).


Model No.MET-144
Working area (WxLxH)8'X12'X7'(as per customer requirement)
Clean Room construction(Frames supports)Stainless Steel-304
Air Velocity0.45 to 0.5 m/s
Noise levelLess than 65 db
height8 - 14 feet Height
Adjustable pressure0.06W.C
Modular width6 -34 feet
Sliding Door width36,48 and 60 inch Entrance
TFL Light4ft -04 nos.(white light)
HEPA filter size4'x2'
FilterHEPA Filter 99.97% efficient
TypesClass 100,000 to Class 10
WiringReloc Wiring System
Blower assemblyDynamically & statically balanced motors & blower of standard make.
Current Required20 amp


  • Powder coated or stainless (stainless) steel frame building.
  • Free-standing.
  • Can be easily and quickly relocated
  • Large open spans up to 34 ft.
  • Interior clear height 8 to 16 ft.
  • Room Class 100,000 to Class 10.
  • Aesthetic design, visually appealing.
  • High quality performance.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Expandable and upgradeable.
  • Single pass or recirculating.
  • Adjustable pressure upto 0.06 W.C.
  • T-Bar ceiling complete with integrated lighting and filtration.


Nano-Technologies & Photonics

Semiconductor / Electronics


Food Contact, Packing & Bottling Lines


Injection Molding



Life Science

Medical Device Manufacturing


Computing (server room)

Optical Lenses Manufacturing

Nuclear & Atomic Energy

Defense & Aerospace

Oil & Deep Sea Exploration