Bacteriological Incubator

“MATRIX” Bacteriological incubators are high-quality incubators  whose forced convection system guarantees good mixing, strong dispersion, and ensures superior temperature uniformity inside the chamber .



A tool created to be perfect for various experiments in microbiology, industries, institutes, R & D labs etc.

Neoprene-made synthetic door gasket on the double walled door.

One can adjust each space of shelves without difficulty due to the presence of user oriented design of shelves .

Controlling of inner air or vapor circulation due to adjustable two ventilation slides.

Uniform heat distribution with beaded heating elements placed in ribs, at bottom and sides.

sms on a regular basis

A perfect tool for R & D labs, laboratories, hospitals, nursing homes, etc.


Internal Dimension[WxDxH][in mm]300x300x300357x357x357455x455x455455x455x605610x610x6101570x800x800
Heat Load0.50 KW0.50 KW1.00 KW1.00KV1.50KW1.50KW
No. of shelves222333
Temp. RangeAmbient 5°C to 105°C
TypeAvailable with or without forced convection system as ordered
Temp. ControlMicroprocessor Based PID Digital Temperature Indicator cum Controller
Temp. Uniformity+/-1°C
Temp. DisplayDigital LCD/LED with SV and PV Display
SafetyTemperature Ovser shoot high & Low Temperature Alarm
Power Supply220/230 V AC, 50 Hz(Single phase 220V)


  • Easy portability due to bigger sized units mounted on caster wheels.
  • Door comes equipped with heavy duty hinges.
  • Door handle makes sure no leakages through the door gasket.
  • Uniform heat distribution with beaded heating elements placed in ribs, at bottom and sides.
  • Neoprene rubber-made synthetic door gasket fitted to all units instead.
  • Air ventilators present on the sides of the unit.
  • 50/60 Hz supply to work on 220/230V AV



  • Communication Port for PC Interface, complete with Communication cable.
  • Profile Digital Microcontroller having total 160 steps (10 programmes of 16 steps each) with soft start, money retention during power failure and programme repeat cycle in lieu of standard controller.
  • CO2/ Air Port – For incubation of CO2/Air mixture