Air Showers are specialized enclosed antechambers which work as entryways and through which personnel have to pass through before entering clean rooms and controlled environments. They are required for places and rooms seeking dust-free conditions as clean rooms or controlled environments.


Air  showers will decontaminate persons entering through them by blasting dust particles off with the help of high velocity HEPA filtered air jets. The showers are fit for getting rid of rooms of high velocity filtered Air pollutants carried by personnel and they then clean the contaminated air, filter it and recirculate again to give clean transfer area. Air showers are in great demand these days for prevention bad air particles and pollutants in key manufacturing applications in different industries such as Microelectronics, Pharma, and Semiconductors etc. They are also used extensively in various other types of researches also.

HEPA filters to force in high velocity air.

Jet nozzles to throw in filtered air in the chamber with high velocity, thereby dispersing particulate matter on all surface.

Contaminated air sucked by lower portion of the air showers suck and then let it pass to blower supply plenum through pre filter installed at base.

Continuously filtering and re-circulation of air inside the chamber without no exchange with the external environment.


Model No.MET-142MET-142-AMET-142- B
Dimension (mm)1800x1500x2000mm1500x2000x2000mm2000x2000x2000 mm
Outer CabinetGI Powder coated or Stainless steel (SS-304)
Face velocity6000 ft./min + 20 feet
Air FlowOne side/two side/tower flow/multidirectional
Air Flow ControlSolid State Control Unit
Pre FilterWashable pre-filter unit (Non-Woven-Synthetic Polyester)
HEPA FiltersGlass pleated non-woven fabric filter having 99.99% efficiency 0.3
micron particle size.
IlluminationFluorescent light Illumination greater than 800 lux on work table
Blower AssemblyCentrifugal lubricated bearing type ISI marked assembly
Noise levelless than 60 dB
Add on featuresSequential feature operation by door mat magnetic switch.
500watts - 950 watts (Model specific)
Nominal voltage220-230 Volts. 50 Hz Single Phase


  • Available in various sizes according to meet varied requirements of users.
  • Enables highly effective HEPA filtered air .
  • Delivers cleanliness level as high as 99.99% with cold DOP.
  • Delivers cleanliness levels of 99.97% with HOT DOP alongside retaining air borne particles of size 0.3 micron.
  • Extended life of HEPA filter with pre filter installed before HEPA filter.
  • Advance Microprocessor Control System.
  • High efficiency with balanced motor blower assembly.
  • The Air Shower system in place to manage and control the sequential locking and release of the doors as well as control the blower.
  • The two doors are interlocked and cannot be opened at the same time, which helps stop pressure losses and cross contamination.
  • The special interlocking feature prevents any simultaneous access of door by ensuring that when only one door is open then other is closed before opening of the door.


  • Advance Microprocessor controller with Digital LED Display features interlocking system.
  • Only one door to be opened at a time to stop pressure losses and cross contamination. The controller will show “WAIT” as an indicator that the other door is open.
  • The system will control the sequential locking and release of the door, and it will also control the Blower.
  • CFL, UV Tube and blower with interlocking features to ensure automatic ON of CFL and blower upon opening of the door and when door is closed, UV Tube will be ON to sterilize the cross-over area.
  • Advanced Micro controller based system.
  • Only 4 Sec delay time between door opening.
  • Inbuilt sensor Magnetic Lock to read door feedback.
  • Door status indication with the help of high intensity Bar LEDs.
  • Buzzer output in cases where the door kept open for more than the specified time limit of 2 min.
  • UV Lamp controlling ( The Lamp On for both doors closed and it’s OFF when both doors open ).
  • CF Lamp controlling ( The Lamp ON when any door is open and OFF when both doors closed ).