We offer high-quality commercial air curtains most suitable for a variety of laboratory, clean rooms, industries etc. When installed on a door, these curtains make an invisible barrier of continuous air and thus stop any escape of conditioned air and entry of contaminated air inside the room. These curtains prove to be an effective insulation for energy conservation and are capable of preventing temperature loss in controlled atmospheric areas. That’s why, they maintain high levels of cleanliness through prevention of the movement of dust particles across it. They are a modern device which and capable of forming an invisible curtain of continuous air when installed on a door. This is how they can stop polluted air from doing damages.


Model MET-140MET-140-AMET-140-BMET-140-CMET-140-D
Door Width600mm900mm1200mm1500mm1800mm
VelocityHigh velocity models aprox 10 meters/sec
MOCCold rolled mild steel sheet
MOC)Blowers)Static and dynamically balanced blowers made out of high quality aluminum sheets
Limit switch(Optional)door operated limit switch to cost extra(option)


  • Cold rolled mild steel sheets are used in the cabinets of air curtain and high-quality aluminum sheets are used to make the blowers.
  • The blowers are duly balanced on computerized digital balancing machines and they have a unique design to offer uniform air with minimum noise and no vibration.
  • The motors used in the units are of continuous rating and have sealed ball bearings


  • Deliver a very low vibration effect to make sure unnoticeable presence and operation in any installation.
  • Made to deliver great protection from dust and other unwarranted particles and stop them to enter in the work area and work as an invisible air barrier.
  • Cut down on air conditioning cost and boost the efficiency of the cooling units.
  • The drafts are made in a way to boost the energy efficiency of the building.
  • Delivers customized air velocity for different applications.
  • Made to be optimized to stop the entry of dust, pollen grains, without troubling the occupants of the room.
  • Have elegant design, style and deliver ease of installation to become popular in different the market.
  • Fitted with super quality Crompton motor to deliver long and reliable life span.