“MATRIX” Vertical Autoclaves are fit for all critical applications requiring total destruction of all living micro-organisms in a guaranteed and dependable manner.

Blood Bank Refrigerators

Our blood bank refrigerators are available in various capacities and they are created and designed to suit a variety of storage and space requirements.      

Clean air equipment

Air Showers are specialized enclosed antechambers which work as entryways through which personnel have to pass before entering clean rooms .

Test Chamber

Matrix Humidity Chamber Suitable for carrying out different quality control tests under controlled conditions of temperature and humidity.                                               

Shaking Machine

Our universal shaker is a compact, heavy-duty variable speed shaker and created to be fit for the agitation of electrophoresis gels ,filter assay media for staining etc                                                  


This high-quality oven is most suitable for various experiments across industries such as microbiology, R&D labs, cell cultivation of animals & plants and food for various laboratories labs.


A perfect tool for experiments requiring low temperature conditions. Fit for uses as varied as microorganism or activation, cell culture process of animals and plants etc.

Suitable for Medical, Biotechnology, Clinical, Petroleum, Pharmaceuticals, Environmental, or Industrial Applications.                      


Mortuary Chamber

“MATRIX” offers Mortuary Storage Cabinets that are used in storing of cadavers or dead bodies under cool temperature conditions.

Muffle Furnance

Light weight and having ceramic fiber wool insulation.Triple-walled and use duly painted double walled thick P.C.R.C. for outer casing and inner wall.

Walk in Chamber

Walk-in Cold Rooms are created to have a temperature range from 2oC to 8oC so that they can help store samples at cool temperatures.                             

Deep Freezer

Matrix Has Two type of Deep Freezer one is Vertical Deep Freezer and other one is Horizontal Freezer suitable for all kind of research labs etc