Matrix Eco Technologies is fortunate enough to present itself as a leading company to offer reliable water treatment facilitations. We at matrix Eco Technologies , always focus on providing extreme quality, efficient after-sales-services to our clients and import substitute equipments. Our vision is to develop and market these high quality water treatment systems and equipments worldwide along with retaining our steady growth that indicates the long list of our satisfied customers. We value our customers a lot and providing efficient water treatment & purification systems to them is our sole mission. We are specialized in almost all the spheres of Water Treatment and Purification. Be it a need for Drinking Water, Effluent Treatment or process water, our top class treatment and purification systems always assure phenomenal efficiency. We understand that we always have to help people get clean water and we always keep our focus on this goal in a clear and straightforward manner.



The core competencies of our company include designing, assembling and assuring customer support for our efficient water purification systems. In our product suit, products from simple Filtration units to Reverse Osmosis systems are included to gear the domestic as well as international level usage for example, food service units, light commercial products and systems for stores that sell purified water.

Moreover, the domestic residential market is our primary concern. We share our long lasting and successful relationship with our clients that prove as a testament to the quality of products we sell and overall satisfaction we provide to them. This is the reason why we believe them to be our greatest asset. We support our customers through warranty service, dedicated help line and assistance towards all the issues ranging from the installation to filter replacement. Mineral water manufacturers, multinational companies, restaurants, laboratories and our other industrial customers also have direct access to our sales and support team to meet their all queries involving troubleshooting, water chemistry and product recommendations. Every year we have meetings and visits to our prospective customers for getting designs and suggestions for new and custom-made systems depending upon the unique needs of the market. The entire world is concerned about the need for clean, useful and drinkable water for what Naturo Pure is poised to take an initiative in this regard.

Research Laboratories & Medical Equipments: Our staff group in the research laboratories and medical equipment section holds years of experience. We always commit to quality and manufacture and supply top class systems to cater different needs of different segments in defence, hospitals etc.

Maintenance and Spare Parts of all types of water treatment plants

Various models of R.O. systems are also offered by our company for commercial and industrial applications. Manual, semi-automatic & fully automatic options are facilitated with data acquisition facility to suit the convenience of our customers. Our company is the leading provider of industrial, commercial and domestic R.O. systems. The complete R.O. unit facilitate different unique features for easy operation, monitoring and maintenance of the system with all the reliable and dependable features. Our staff’s wide knowledge in industrial water purification and desalination also applies to purifying drinking water requirements in homes and offices. We believe on ‘state of the art’ membrane technology for treatment and purification and the models of this system are available from 10 LPH to 100 LPH product water capacities.

Automation: Matrix Eco Technologies holds a team of skilled and trained technicians and well-experienced engineers for the successful commissioning of water management system for example, PLC based atomization is offered along with P.C. interlinking to operate the system from the central remote control room.

Maintenance: Our qualified team of professionals and engineers undertake the Annual Maintenance Contracts for all kinds of water treatment plants inclusive of periodical visits and regular plant maintenance. Minimum downtime is offered in case of any breakdown or problem in the plant.

Service: Our own service engineers and technicians are well-capable of troubling shooting and solving such problems. Every member has gone through extensive training in this field and understands the requirement of new products for meeting customer’s demand in the shorter time.

We hope that our wide range of products will seem interesting to you and we shall be glad to provide you more information about our systems whenever you need. We are looking forward for an opportunity to serve you with our best attention.