Mulitgrade Sand Filter



A latest concept in the water treatment technology, a Multi Grade Filter consists of  vertical or horizontal pressure sand filters that contain multiple layers of coarse and fine  sand (pebbles and gravels) in a fixed proportion. It is a kind of a deep filter bed with  adequate pore dimensions for retaining both large and small suspended solids and un 

dissolved impurities like dust particles. As compared to conventional sand water filter,  this multigrade filtration system works on higher specific flow rates. It is also a low cost pre-treatment system for ion exchangers (deionizer and softener) and membrane  systems such as reverse osmosis etc. With high throughputs, high dirt-holding capacity  and capacity to reduce turbidity and TSS (< 5ppm) from water, it protects ion-exchange  resins and membranes from physical fouling due to suspended impurities present in the  water. 

Working Principle 

The working principle of a multigrade filter is quite straight forward. In a multigrade filter  or pressure sand filter, water is passed through multi layers of filter media consisting  graded sand, pebbles and gravels layers. The contaminants in the water are captured in  the media bed and filtered water passes into the discharge manifold at the bottom of the  tanks. The next and last step is backwashing, a process of effectively removal of captured  contaminants from the media bed. After back-washing the filter is rinsed with raw water  and after the required quality of water is achieved the filter is put back into service. 

Features & Advantages 

  • Designed for commercial & Industrial uses 
  • Manual or automatic operation options
  • Durable FRP or mild steel tank 
  • Custom sizes and configurations
  • Maximum carbon utilization 
  • Ideal for pre-treatment


Multigrade Sand Filters by Matrix  

Our company is a prominent manufacturer of multi grade filter in India and provides  engineering services from designing, manufacturing to installation and commissioning.  Our multigrade sand filtration plants are designed to meet specific requirements of our  customers; no matter what quality of water you use and what your flow rate  requirements are, our engineering team is capable of configuring the same accordingly.  From 1000 LPH to 1,00,000 LPH, we can manufacture and supply any capacity you need.