Activated Carbon Filter ACF


We offer high quality Activated Carbon Filters used to remove odor and color of the water used in Sewage treatment plant , effluent treatment plant, wastewater treatment plant, Granular Activated carbon is used with fine porous size to remove the odor and color of the water. Activated Carbon Filter Activated Charcoal Filter – Activated charcoal filters water through adsorption; chemicals and some heavy metals are attracted to the surface of the charcoal, and are attached to it. 

Charcoal filters will filter some pathogens, though they will quickly use up the filter adsorptive ability, and can even contribute to contamination, as the charcoal provides an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and algae. Some charcoal filters are available impregnated with silver to prevent this, though current research concludes that the bacteria growing on the filter are harmless, even if the water wasn’t disinfected before contacting the filter. Activated charcoal can be used in conjunction with chemical treatment. 

The chemical (iodine or chlorine) will lull the pathogens, while the carbon filter will remove the treatment chemicals. In this case, as the filter reaches its capacity, a distinctive chlorine or iodine taste will be noted. The more activated charcoal in a filter, the longer it will last. The bed of carbon must be deep enough for adequate contact with the water. 

Production designs use granulated activated charcoal (effective size or 0.6 to 0.9 mm for maximum flow rate). Home or field models can also use a compressed carbon block or powered activated charcoal (effective size 0.01) to increase contact area. Powered charcoal can also be mixed with water and filtered out later. As far as life of the filter is concerned, carbon block filters will last the longest for a given size, simply due to their greater mass of carbon. 

A source of pressure is usually needed with carbon block filters to achieve a reasonable flow rate.